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Payroll Setup is the fastest and most trusted starting point in finding the right payroll solution for your small business.

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At Payroll Setup, our job is in our name. We take the guesswork out of paying your employees by finding the best payroll service for your small business and helping you get started.

You need a payroll service that’s responsive, user-friendly, and respects your time and money. Choose the wrong payroll service and you can miss out on huge rewards and greater productivity.

As a small business, you can’t afford to waste time or resources on finding a payroll service that may or may not even work with your needs.
Your business is unique, let us help you find the right online payroll service.
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Online Payroll Co-Pilot™

We're here to help guide you in your payroll journey. Our team will help you find a payroll service right for your business. This is what it looks like when you work with us. It’s an easy flight.
Board the Plane: With our fast and secure software, you can quickly enroll with your provider of choice and start onboarding employees.
Buckle Up: Save money and time by taking advantage of special offers and discounts from trusted payroll companies on our network.
Takeoff: Your employees are paid on time. You easily onboard new employees and make changes in minutes. Everybody’s happy.
Landing: You've arrived. To be safe, Payroll Setup will check in with you to ensure the process was smooth.

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Jumpstart Your Payroll Search

How the payroll set up process works

Payroll Setup is your starting point for finding the right online payroll service and getting started quickly. We've done the leg work of adding trusted payroll services to our network, and making the payroll set up process a breeze.
Search for Top Rated Payroll Services Online
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What are the key factors in choosing online payroll services?

Service Quality -Can you reach them?
Price Transparency - Is the fee sstructure easy to understand?
Easy Software - Is running payroll easy; is your data secure?
Scalability - Can they help with HR matters and employee retention?
Accuracy of Tax Filings - Are state and federal payroll taxes being paid accordingly?
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Payroll Support Along the Way

Payroll Setup Assistance

We'll guide your small business on your payroll journey. Use our platform for free, with our team available for fast support.

Fast Onboarding Tools

We'll guide your small business on your payroll journey. Use our platform for free, with our team available for support along the way.
Fast & Easy
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Why Payroll Setup?

Save time and avoid headaches

Finding the right online payroll services is often time-consuming and overwhelming. We'll help you save time and avoid the most common payroll set up missteps.

Find special offers and products

Many of the online payroll services on our platform offer special promotions and discounts. Working with us takes the pain away from seeking out the best deals on your own.
Save time
Reduce headaches
Special offers & discounts
Are you a new business looking for online payroll services? Or already established and looking for a new payroll service?

Take a quick flight with us! ✈️
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Payroll Setup was the best solution for our small business. We're getting much better service; the switch was fast and easy. The team at Payroll Setup is amazing, highly recommend!

Brenda P.

Verified Google Review
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Team is efficient and takes the time to walk you though all the fine details.

Shameka T.

Verified Google Review
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Great company, very knowledgeable and friendly team. Very helpful. Highly recommended if you want experts that make things easy for you.

Edouard A.

Verified Google Review
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I used to look into an issue I was experiencing with my current payroll service. I found their expert [was] knowledgeable and was able to quickly identify my problem. I would absolutely consider using for my payroll needs.

Steve C.

Verified Google Review
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I was very happy using Payroll Setup. The process of entering my employee's information was easy and user friendly. I also really love how there are red, yellow, and green boxes on the main page, which is very helpful when determining what needs to be completed. I would recommend this site to anyone who is setting up payroll for their business. Great job!

Zach P.

Verified Google Review
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PayrollSetup is simply the best at what they do. They made it so easy for me to start running payroll for my employees of my new business...while saving me hundreds of dollars a month! I will literally be recommending them to every bsuiness owner I know from now on.

Alex I.

Verified Google Review