Communications Policy

All emails sent from “” email addresses are for the sole use and attention of the intended recipient(s) of said emails. If any email is received in error, the unintended recipient must notify the send immediately and delete the email. Any such emails received by the unintended recipient must not be retained, used, disclosed, copied, or distributed without the sender’s permission. has also taken precautions to minimize the risk of incidental transmission of malware, but specifically advises all recipients to carry out their own reviews and checks on any and all attachments. disclaims any and all liability for any loss or damage, including consequential damage, caused by external software malware or recipient negligence.

Introductions facilitated by
In the event of a company, person, or other third-party introduction which is facilitated by, via text, verbal, email, social media, or through any other platform or means, said introduction is being provided by as a courtesy only.

No introduction (or any prior or subsequent communications with the relevant company/person/ or third party, or their legal advisors) is to be construed as legal, tax advice, or a recommendation from has not retained any legal counsel in connection with making such an introduction. You are advised to retain your own legal, tax or insurance advisors in evaluating any vendor, product, service or negotiation that may stem from such an introduction.