Set Up Payroll Taxes in Your State

If you are a new business, Payroll Setup can assist you in properly registering for state payroll taxes. This process is needed in virtually every state, and a critical part of setting up payroll with your provider. Our team will guide you in registering your business for SUI (State Unemployment Insurance Tax) and SIT (State Income Tax.) *Starting at $149 per state
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*Please use these public domain resources strictly as a guide for your small business payroll solutions. These links are not considered legal or tax advice from Payroll To work with us directly please contact us for help.
Did you know most payroll errors occur due to not being setup correctly from the start? Learn more.

Payroll Set Up Forms and Resources

Federal Payroll Forms

By law employers must obtain federal employment forms W-4 and I-9 from all new hires during the payroll setup process. When choosing a local payroll service or national online payroll solution, these forms are important to keep on file. Quarterly payroll tax forms such as form 941 or annual form 940 should also be filed accordingly.

Employment Topics

Payroll Services can weigh in on employment questions, but the level of knowledge and services varies greatly. During the payroll set up online process questions often arise about the classification of workers, compensation models, and employees working in another state.

State Online Payroll Resources

Each U.S. state has different employment agencies and payroll tax structures. The Payroll Setup Team has shared detailed state by state employer resources and forms to aid in how properly set up payroll online. It is important for employers to learn about managing state withholding taxes, unemployment contributions, and local payroll taxes during the beginning of the payroll setup process.





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