Why You Should be Hiring Freelancers and Veterans

Brittany Fisher

If your new business is starting to take off, you’ll need to hire help sooner rather than later. Keeping up with customer/client demand is essential for getting positive reviews and for continuing to grow your organization. However, as a new business owner, you might not have the resources to interview and hire a full in-house team. The solution to this common obstacle? Build a team of freelancers and veterans. Here’s some insight into why this hiring strategy works so well for new business owners.

Veterans have essential knowledge and skills

Upon exiting the military, it can be challenging for veterans to find work in their field of expertise.

However, not only should more businesses emphasize hiring veterans in general, but this partnership often works exceedingly well for new business owners.  

Why? Veterans can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business beyond their specific line of work. Their training has led them to be exceptional leaders with a strong work ethic and excellent problem-solving skills. When running a new business, having people on your team with these attributes is vital. Not only will you be hiring a veteran who is qualified for a specific role, but you’ll also be gaining an employee who can lead in several important ways.

Tap into programs that connect you with veterans

If you’re unsure how to find job-seeking veterans, there are programs that can connect you. For example, the U.S. Department of Labor has a Veterans’ Employment & Training Service website that allows employers to search for and find qualified veterans for their business. This program also provides employers with information on policy and compliance rules — including employment rights — as well as an employer guide to hiring veterans.

There are also benefits to hiring freelancers

In addition to hiring veterans, recruiting freelancers for your team is a wise choice for new businesses. There is a wide availability of freelancers across areas of expertise, skill levels, and hourly rates. One quick search can yield qualified professionals specializing in design, virtual assistant work, IT, and more. You can often compare profiles, review portfolios, and see hourly/package rates before ever reaching out to an individual.

Another crucial advantage of hiring freelancers instead of full or part-time employees is being able to hire on a per-project basis. With your business still being so new, you likely need some help in multiple areas — but not enough to regularly fill a day’s worth of work. This enhanced flexibility is essential for having all your needs met and for making the most out of your budget.

You can even hire overseas freelancers

Don’t overlook hiring overseas freelancers. It has never been easier to work with people around the globe. Thanks to technology and the ease of using various freelancing platforms and other tools, you can connect with independent contractors in India, Israel, Brazil, Argentina — truly, you can find freelancers everywhere. Job boards like Guru, Flexjobs and Fiverr are valuable platforms that provide you with an overall satisfaction rating for each freelancer, so you are better able to vet foreign candidates.

Compensating overseas workers doesn’t have to be a headache either. When you choose to send money through a remittance service, you can affordably and efficiently send payments to your overseas freelancers. For example, if you’re working with a freelancer in India, you can safely send money in as soon as a few hours or a few days. Plus, sites like Remitly offer excellent exchange rates with low to no fees for a transfer.

When hiring for the first time, be as wise about your choices as possible. By hiring a combination of veterans and freelancers, you’ll help your business continue to grow and flourish.

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