Payroll Setup® Small Business Resource Center

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*Please use these public domain resources as a guide for your small business payroll solutions.

Payroll Setup® Guide

Finding the best online payroll services for your small business just got a whole lot easier.  Our comprehensive Payroll Setup Guide is an easy-to-use payroll reference and research tool that payroll professionals can rely on to find basic information and important resources to carefully manage and administer payroll for small businesses.  

The Guide is perfect for finding any and all forms related to federal, state, and local income tax withholding. Here, you’ll find answers to employment tax forms, Social Security and Medicare taxes, 1099 versus W-2 employment, and more.

You’ll also find documents on the federal and state level that cover everything from wages to benefits to unemployment contributions.  

Setting up payroll online is now easier than ever, with a wealth of resources on the local and federal levels right at your fingertips. With Payroll Setup, we help guide you with tools and years of experience to set you up for payroll success.
*Please use these public domain resources strictly as a guide for your small business payroll solutions. These links are not considered legal or tax advice from Payroll To work with us directly please contact us for help.
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Payroll Set Up Forms and Resources

Federal Payroll Forms

By law employers must obtain federal employment forms W-4 and I-9 from all new hires during the payroll setup process. When choosing a local payroll service or national online payroll solution, these forms are important to keep on file. Quarterly payroll tax forms such as form 941 or annual form 940 should also be filed accordingly.

Employment Topics

Payroll Services can weigh in on employment questions, but the level of knowledge and services varies greatly. During the payroll set up online process questions often arise about the classification of workers, compensation models, and employees working in another state.

State Online Payroll Resources

Each U.S. state has different employment agencies and payroll tax structures. The Payroll Setup Team has shared detailed state by state employer resources and forms to aid in how properly set up payroll online. It is important for employers to learn about managing state withholding taxes, unemployment contributions, and local payroll taxes during the beginning of the payroll setup process.





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